Fonts in logo design – How different design elements make a great logo

There are many elements that make a great logo: colour, shape, typography to name a few. Have you thought how each element impacts your logo and overall brand feel. A good logo normally can’t be thrown together in Canva in 5 minutes. It takes research, development and implementation for a logo to work well, as well as education and experience to carefully construct design assets to create a logo. Here, we’ll explore the different elements you should consider when having your logo designed. In this post, we delve into the use of typography in logo design and how by choosing the correct font or font pairing you can have a great logo design.

Fonts in logo design

If you choose to have text in your logo (guess what, it’s your choice!), the font(s) used can be just as important as the colour. For example, if you saw a law firm using comic sans, would you really trust them? Equally, if you wanted to hire a clown for a children’s birthday party, would you choose the one that used a serious serif font, or one that had a fun font?

Not sure what the different types of fonts there are? Here’s a handy guide of examples.


These have little ‘feet’ that embellish a letter, these are the serifs:

Serif font

Some examples of Serif typefaces:

Serif font examples

Sans Serif

As the name would imply, these typefaces do not have serifs.

Sans Serif font examples

Slab Serif

Not to be confused with Serif Typefaces, these do have serifs but they are blocky, rather than the elegant curves you would see in a serif typeface:

Slab Serif

Some examples of Slab Serif typefaces:

Slab Serif font examples


These are for the fancy, bubbly, unique, stencil, decorative , old school, calligraphy, distorted or any other font that doesn’t fit into the above three categories!

Display Decorative handwriting font examples

And the best part is, all of the above typeface are 100% free! When choosing a font, it may be best to pick a commercially-free font, otherwise you would have to pay for a license to use fonts created by Type Foundries.

Another thing to consider is the weight of your typeface. This means the thickness. Are you trying to convey delicacy, or steadfastness? Typefaces can be extra light through to black:

Font thickness examples

NB. Not all fonts have variable weights, some are only the original weight that is was designed in. Similarly, not all fonts have italic options either!

When choosing a font for your business, think about what message you want your brand to convey. Do you want to be steadfast and dependable with a solid or chunky sans-serif font? Maybe your a crafter or artist, and your font could be as creative as your work, so something like a handwritten font? Or maybe you want to be seen as professional and timeless, so a serif font could be the choice for you.

If you take a look at some popular brands and the fonts they choose, what meaning do they convey to you?

For example, McDonald’s uses an easy-to-read font, in title case (where the M and D are capitals, whereas the rest of the letters are lower case). This is important, as when a customer drives to a McDonald’s, they want the text to be legible while driving at speed (that is if they don’t recognise the famous golden arches first!)

Coca Cola on the other hand, use their timeless classic typeface. It’s instantly recognisable, and the font is as fluid as the product itself.

Starbucks like to position themselves as the go-to high street coffee shop, and as such their font, in all capitals, imbues a sense of solidity, dependability, and the coffee shop of choice amongst its competitors.

There are many things to consider if you are choosing a font. The tone of your font can reflect the tone of your business, so it’s important to get this aspect right first time.

If the idea of choosing a typeface for your business is daunting and you don’t know where to start, Startup Business Branding can help with that! With over 17 years of experience in graphic design, print and customer service, we are well placed to help you start your journey creating your logo and more! Please visit for more information.

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